Degree Show DOJ

I was at the degree show opening at Duncan of Jordanstone last night and was blown away by the work from the textiles department. In shows past it was always the jewellery that topped the bill for me but this year textiles gets my vote. Since I am studying textile design it put the fear of death in me as the work was just so good and so well presented I was left wondering how on earth my work could ¬†advance to that level. Lots of hard slog ahead me thinks…


Welcome to my New blog

Hello and welcome to my new blog. I am an art student studying textile design at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee, Scotland. In this blog I intend to show some of my work. Drawings, paintings, knitting, and when art college resumes after the summer break I will post up some of the work that I do there. For now I am getting to grips with WordPress so please bare with me.

This is me with my youngest daughter and grandaughter. I have three boys , two girls and one grandaughter. This is me on a good day!


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